Is Scalp Micro-Pigmentation right for you?

Together with Scalp Micro-pigmentation, we could complement your hair color and complexion. It’s similar to tattooing and yet VERY different too!

What Exactly Is SCALP MICRO-PIGMENTATION? Scalp micro-pigmentation originated in 2001 being a immediate remedy for baldness thinning. There’s no discoloration, no operation, and no downtime with these procedures.

Exactly what is the charge? The fee changes based on the amount of protection necessary and the number of remedies required.Your investment can range from $497 to $2997 typically.

In the event you have discoloration in your own scalp which you want to hide, Scalp Micro-pigmentation can camouflage them too, for example FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and baldness scars are easily concealed with this process.

What is included? You and your SMP Technician need to sit down and go over your options and goals in order to maximize your results.   Many variables need to be considered, such as your hair-line, your face contours and also colors, scars, goals etc.. all need to be decided on. Scalp Micro-pigmentation could be the procedure of applying miniature dots of colour to provide the look of stubble.

What is the process? Your technician uses a huge number of small dots around the scalp and on any balding areas you may have. A standard session lasts approximately one to three hours. (many of our clients are done in just two sessions!)

Are there any Side Effects? Scalp micro-pigmentation hurts a lot less than a tattoo and much much less than the usual hair transplant. We typically will use a local anesthetic and we clean and purify the entire entire scalp, or so the process is like hitting the EASY button. A common effect is your friends saying you look younger, but they can’t quite put their finger in what is different with you!

What if I’m REALLY bald? In the event that you’re totally bald, right up until just lately, you’d have few alternatives for baldness correction. Lots of people with hair thinning come across Scalp Micro-pigmentation and consider it a perfect and long lasting choice!